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About Al Qimma Company

Al Qemma Company was established in Jeddah to provide maintenance and cleaning services to the commercial and residential sectors in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Qemma Company is a national company that has gained its position in the cleaning and maintenance market through the diversity of its experiences and its endeavor to adhere to the standards of quality of service. We at Al Qemma Company continue to expand the company's business and diversify its activities through long-term and short-term plans, which resulted in a continuous increase in the number of our customers in the regions of the Kingdom. Al Qemma aims to consolidate and tie strong relationships with its customers by providing solutions and treatments designed according to the request and need of its customers with high efficiency and outstanding performance.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of stores, offices and factories
  • Sterilization work
  • Cleaning carpets, sofas and curtains
  • Isolation works
  • Thorough steam cleaning
  • Cleaning and maintenance of facades of buildings, shops, villas and houses
  • All furniture and luggage transfers
  • Control of insects of all kinds
  •  Cleaning and general maintenance works, including plumbing, electricity and air conditioning works.
  • Mosque cleaning and maintenance
  • School cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance of homes, apartments and palaces
  • Cleaning and maintenance of water tanks
  • Cleaning and maintenance of hospitals, clinics and clinics
  • Cleaning and maintenance of commercial and residential complexes

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